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Uncover David Beckham Net Worth with His Impressive Salary

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One of the all-time soccer greats, David Beckham, has left an indelible mark on both the sport and the world at large. His legacy and impressive net worth have etched their place in history. Now, Netflix is set to release a captivating documentary series titled “Beckham,” shedding light on the highs and lows of the iconic footballer’s career and providing a glimpse into his personal life alongside his wife, Victoria, and their four children.

According to Netflix, “This four-part documentary series delves deep into the life of a global football sensation and cultural icon. While David Beckham’s name is known worldwide, only a select few truly understand the man behind the fame. From his humble beginnings in the working-class neighborhoods of East London to his unwavering drive for success, the series explores his journey and the challenges he faced in balancing ambition, love, and family. David’s story is a rollercoaster of immense triumphs and setbacks, and this series offers an intimate and definitive account of one of the most recognizable and scrutinized athletes in history.”

“In ‘Beckham,’ we see Academy Award-winning Fisher Stevens (known for ‘Palmer,’ ‘And We Go Green,’ and ‘The Cove’) teaming up with Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning producer John Battsek (known for ‘One Day in September,’ ‘Searching for Sugar Man,’ and ‘Winter on Fire’). Together, they’ve been given unparalleled access to David Beckham, his wife Victoria, his family, his friends, and his teammates. The result is not only an intimate portrayal of the man himself but also a captivating chronicle of contemporary sports and celebrity culture.

Curious about David Beckham’s net worth? Keep reading to discover more.”

David Beckham Net Worth

Are you wondering about David Beckham net worth? Well, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, David Beckham and his wife Victoria have a combined net worth of £425 million, which translates to a hefty $514 million in U.S. currency.

David Beckham Net Worth

Beyond his football career, Beckham recently struck a deal with Qatar to become the face of their tourism campaign for 2022. This 10-year partnership netted Beckham a staggering $177 million. However, it faced significant criticism due to Qatar’s human rights violations.

Addressing the controversy in an interview with the Telegraph, Beckham defended his decision, saying, “I thoroughly research the partners I go into business with, and I wanted to be part of another World Cup. I’m passionate about seeing the game expand, even into new territories.” He explained, “My personal philosophy has always been about inclusion. I believe that excluding people doesn’t lead to change. Engaging with these issues is, to me, more crucial than simply dismissing them.”

In 2014, Beckham launched DB Ventures, a company dedicated to strategizing his post-football retirement brand deals. Some of his notable partnerships include H&M, Adidas, Diageo, and L’Oreal. DB Ventures also manages its endorsement agreements with Tudor Watches and Haig, a whiskey company. Fast forward to 2022, news broke that David Beckham was selling a majority, 55% stake in his management business to Authentic Brands Group (ABG).

When Beckham joined FLS (Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy) back in 2007, he was granted an option to acquire an expansion team at a price of $25 million. That dream became a reality in 2018 with the establishment of Inter Miami, in which Beckham became a co-owner alongside Jorge and Jose Mas.

During the summer of 2023, the team made a major move by signing the Ballon d’Or winner, Lionel Messi, significantly elevating the team’s reputation. Reflecting on this momentous signing, Beckham shared his emotions on the Stick it to Football podcast, saying, “It was more emotional than one might expect. Over the past decade, there were countless obstacles and challenges in getting this team off the ground in Miami. At times, it seemed like an impossible task. But everything fell into place once I found the right partners in Miami.” Reports suggest that Messi’s annual salary under the two-year deal amounts to a staggering $50-60 million.

David Beckham’s football salary

David Beckham Net Worth

David Beckham’s football earnings varied depending on the team he played for. During his time at Manchester United, reports from CNN indicated that the soccer star was pulling in 15 million euros, which was equivalent to $17 million at the time and would be about $28 million in today’s currency. Beckham then made a move to Real Madrid, where he was raking in an impressive $29 million annually. In 2007, when he joined Major League Soccer to play for the LA Galaxy, he accepted a deal worth $9.5 million per year. Beckham eventually retired in 2013.

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Reflecting on his move to LA, he expressed, “For me, it’s all about the game. I’m heading there to make a meaningful impact on the field. I’m not suggesting that my arrival in the States will automatically make soccer the dominant sport. That would be a challenging feat. Baseball, basketball, and American football have deep-rooted traditions here. But I wouldn’t be embarking on this journey if I didn’t believe I could contribute to the sport’s growth.”

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